Active participation

Blog 1: 4.2.14

Two factors that influenced my performance were the social environment and fun.

The social environment was a factor because I didn’t really know anyone in my group so I didn’t involve myself as much as I normally would have done. I think over the next few weeks when everyone gets used to each other it will be a lot easier because we will understand how everything works and what everyone is like, and how to act around them. For example if there was someone in my group that was really shy and didn’t want to participate, we’d understand that they just needed help to get involved, and make sure they didn’t miss out just because they were shy.

The second factor was enjoyment and fun which affected my performance because I enjoyed myself a lot more than I had originally thought. The games we played were fun and I got to meet new people which in turn affected the social environment factor.

Next lesson I will try to get more involved with my group, and try my best with all of the activities. I want to get out of my comfort zone a bit and go into groups with people I don’t really know because I always just stick with my friends.


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