Secondary research: Existing businesses and market competitors

Research focused on Bath Bombs:
The three main business that are in the same market as us (our main competitors) are Lush, Living Naturally NZ, and online retailers such as Etsy, which sell handcrafted goods, very similar to ours. When we look at these three main competitors, we can see that they’re all targeting a market that consists mainly of women, or men who are buying these products as a gift for women. The age ranges vary across the companies, with Lush targeting 13-25 year olds, Living Naturally targeting 25+, and Etsy covering all ages, as it’s made from different groups of consumers, targeting variations of the same market. We can gather this from the way they market their products.
Lush’s online website consists of lots of colour and photographs that would appeal to a younger market. They have shown these products in a way that would appeal to the age range stated above, as the bright colours and busy photos are all attractive to the consumer’s eye. They have accented this with straight lines and black and white backgrounds, keeping it simplistic but not boring. They have added pictures of products that are in the bath bombs, and different kinds of packaging. They haven’t kept all of the attention on the bath bombs themselves, but have shown different aspects of what went into the process to create them. The way they have designed the website and their products shows that to market and produce our products, they must be colourful and interesting, but it’s best to not overdo it. The colours are an important factor, and they need to be co-ordinated with each other and to not have too many different ones, otherwise consumers won’t like the look of them.
Living Naturally has few photos, and the ones they do have are of their products. They have a very neutral colour scheme, and would be targeting a relatively older market. The products they do have all look like they have no variation in packaging, and the only differences have fewer options colour and fragrance wise than Lush. From this we can see that to appeal to an older audience, it’s better to keep things minimal, and have natural fragrances such as lavender, that aren’t too strong. They also have little variation in the shape of their products.
On online producers such as Etsy, the individual shops can only market their products through the initial photo of it. This means that they have to come up with a point of difference from their competitors. For some, this means they offer different sizes of bath bombs, others have chosen gift packs that consist of different colours and fragrances. Other options include having them in different shapes, or packaged in tissue paper, cellophane, boxes, or even glass jars. From this, we can see that the appearance of the actual product is a very important aspect to targeting the right market. Although they might be a competitor in the same market, as they only have an online presence, they won’t be as much competition as someone producing similar products with a shop close by. They have shown us that if we were to introduce variations in the bath bombs, such as colours, size, or shape, as well as changing possible packaging, we can cater for a wider target market.
From the secondary research conducted on competitors in our target market, we can see how adding variations to our product, we can attract both our original target market, and extend that to a wider age range. We can do this by varying the product and incorporating different marketing strategies such as creating gift sets of the bath bombs, or designing your own gift sets to make them more personalised for the consumer. From this research, we have found that the key ideas that we will need to keep in mind when producing this product is colours, fragrance, shape, and to make sure it’s simple, but not boring. Other articles of interest are about the marketing plan of Lush, which describes how it came to success when it was the only company offering organic cosmetics. It goes on to describe other areas where this company has excelled, where we can take good product research from (see the last related link).

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