Secondary research: Product packaging


Packaging always makes a product stand out more in the shops. People prefer a variety of different packaging to preview the product, but one of the most wanted packaging varieties is reusable packaging. Consumers like to vary between packaging of these items. In this link, the business created a plastic two sided mould for bath bomb creating. From the 6 reviews, 2 consumers had rated 2 stars as the product did not appeal to their liking, 2 said 3 stars, because they enjoyed the product but didn’t 100% work for them and 2 said 5 stars because they thoroughly enjoyed the product and worked for them numerous times. Although, products always have their downsides, so if something doesn’t work, it won’t get the greatest reviews. For a business to be successful, the product must be successful, and there must be packaging for the product to help promote to different markets.
After some more research towards other kinds of packaging, reusable packaging is a great way to go. Many consumers prefer items to be put in reusable packaging so the consumers can use the packaging to their advantage for home made items too. Reusable packaging helps to promote the reduce, reuse, recycle cycle and this then creates a great look for our business and creates a good look for the community. This will then reduce the amount of rubbish/waste us kiwis produce. The more reusable packaging, the healthier the planet.

Although reusable packaging may be the way to go, people prefer to see the product in-front of their face. So a great alternative would be to make the packaging with a small opening where the consumer can see their finished product. After all, great packaging draws consumers in to buy your product. So, the better, higher grade packaging we produce, the more consumers our products will appeal too.


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