Antoinette Pieterson: Perspective

As we came out from hiding, I was scared and I said: ‘It seems this is going
to go on and on. So what can one do?’ I was thinking very hard and I forgot
about Hector … We came on foot. That’s another problem. Even if you want
to go home, how are you going to go home? So I was thinking about that
… I looked around … thinking maybe he’s still hiding. He’s small. Maybe
he’s still hiding, he’s still frightened … I told myself that I’m not going to
move from that place. He might come looking for me. Let me stay here.
While I was there, thinking about that, I could see a group of boys, about
three or four, at a distance … They were struggling and other students who
were hanging around on the pavement were going to that scene … I want
to go there but I don’t know how because I’m thinking of Hector that he
might look for me and not find me … I was very scared. It’s almost about
seven minutes and Hector hasn’t come out. My heart was beating so fast but
I tried to get hold of myself. As they came closer, the gentleman … whom
I knew later [as] Mbuyisa Makhubo … lifted … a body and, as he lifted it
higher, the first thing that I saw was the front part of Hector’s shoe. Then
I said: ‘Those shoes belong to Hector!’ I just said that and I just went to
the scene. Mbuyisa was already running. And on the way when we were
running I asked him: ‘Who are you?This is my brother, I’ve been looking
for him.’ I didn’t know how to explain myself.




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