Exam reflection

What went well?

– In the visual text essay, I was able to remember almost all of the quotes and film techniques, and was able to produce a similar essay to the one I had practiced. I managed to stick to my time management plan, and felt that I was able to produce a reasonable essay with the time and preparation available.

– For unfamiliar, I managed to get a good understanding of the question and the text before answering them.

What was challenging/difficult?

– I think that it was hard to put together each paragraph in the way I had originally planned, as I forgot parts and then remembered them halfway through. After remembering them, I tried to re-implement them and it didn’t always fit.

– In unfamiliar, I didn’t always use the most appropriate technique as I didn’t understand what they were, or how they related to the text.

What do you feel you need to do going forward into NCEA next term?

– I feel that my essay was strong enough to get a good mark, but to do well, I will need to go over film techniques, and practice implementing the question into the writing and relating it to the techniques.

– For unfamiliar, I really need to go over a lot more techniques, and practice this style of unfamiliar. In order to get a good mark, I really need to make sure I look at previous exemplars, and get make a good plan for what I will do in the exam.


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