Government decisions internal – Task 1

The Orewa College Board of Trustees has decided to allow the Commerce Department to spend $12,000 to improve its services to students. They have said that the $12,000 can be taken from either the operations budget or the IT budget.
The operations budget allows the department to improve its physical facilities and the IT budget allows the department to improve its IT resources. The Commerce Department’s final decision must be approved and signed off by the Board of Trustees.

The Commerce Department is thinking about how to spend the money. Three ideas have been put forward, but they and the Board are open to other ideas.
The ideas provided so far are:
20 mini laptops in a portable trolley
20 Ipads in a portable trolley
Refurbishment of classroom H11 and H12 with new furniture to allow students to work more freely eg bean bags, new desks (same as H2), new blinds and a sound system in each room.