Secondary research: Consumer preference – Colours

The colour of our products will be an important aspect that will make our products more attractive to consumers and our target market. Studies have shown that 93% of people will purchase a product based on visual appearance. We have researched which colours consumers prefer, and which they would be more likely to buy, should we choose them to incorporate into our product. From looking at previous research, we can gather that you can’t just choose five colours and use those, but that it’s more important to make the colour of it appropriate to the product itself. For example, if we were to make a bath bomb, and advertise that it will mean having a relaxing bath, we wouldn’t then make it bright red, as that’s not a relaxing colour.

Blue is a cool colour – the colour of the ocean and sky. Blue is often the chosen colour by peaceful people. Blue is the calming colour. That makes it a wonderful colour to use in the bath, especially for babies, so parents would buy it for there kids which would be a good target audience.

Green is the colour of nature, Grass green is the most restful colour. So It will be good to use as a bath bomb because people want to relax when they are in the bath, also kids are easily attracted to green as studies have shown children take a keen interest because they can relate to it.

Red is the warmest of all colours. Red is one of the top picks of males, so it should be a one of the colours that we choose for are bath bombs as there are plenty of males that will be interested in buying them, red is the colour of prosperity and happiness. Red symbolises passion so it would be a great colour for romantic nights in which links into the fact that guys buy them.